Business Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuations and Due Diligence
We update our clients with the developments and challenges in the dynamic accounting and tax atmosphere which can help interpret the effect on their strategic, operational and financial planning.
  • Business Advisory: We help Indian and international entities set up their business in India as per the stipulated legislative framework. We cater to enterprise - wide needed customized support services based on our technical expertise, best practices and experience to improve our clients processes.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Our expertise and experience help in advising our clients at every stage of the M&A process. We strategize the growth path to reach the determined object of the entity. This helps our clients in building a clear vision about the acquisition or divestiture process. From developing business strategies to due diligence to the final output, we advise the clients to meet their desired objectives.
  • Corporate Governance: Corporate Governance is relevant to all organizations as it relates to the way in which your business is structured, organized and controlled. This includes:
    1. The Board and Directors & Directors' remuneration
    2. The structure of the Board;
    3. The role and responsibilities of non-executives;
    4. Information reporting and monitoring procedures.
    5. Relations with Shareholders
    6. Institutional Shareholders / stakeholders
    Good governance will enhance the performance of your company and its profile with potential providers of finance, current and newinvestors, customers and suppliers.
  • Valuations and business modeling - We can provide useful and independent analysis to assist in the valuation of business our client is interested in. With recent changes in the regulations, Indian economy is opening up to an arena of business acquisitions and mergers. In such a scenario, we provide an insight on business valuation, intangible asset valuation, employee stock option valuation, tangible asset valuation, report writing and a variety of other services related to valuation.
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